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Best AR-15 Brands

When shopping for an AR-15, there are going to be a wide variety of choices to choose from. AR-15 rifles have become one of the most popular semi-automatic rifles on the market, giving way to new AR-15 brands popping up all the time. We have listed out the top 3 best AR-15 brands to give you a better idea of what to look for when you go to purchase one.


Bravo Company

Starting in the garage of a veteran United States Marine in 2003, Bravo Company has quickly become one of the most recognized AR-15 brands around the world. Bravo Company engineers and builds lifesaving equipment with industry-leading mechanical quality control. Bravo Company proudly provides equipment for US Military Special Operations Units, Department Of Homeland Security, government agencies, and responsible American citizens.

Daniel Defense

Founded in 2002 by Marty Daniel, Daniel Defense has continuously grown to become one of the leading firearms manufacturers in the world. Daniel Defense has worked with various US military and government agencies to develop new firearms and firearm accessories. Daniel Defense has been one of the pinnacles in AR-15 manufacturing and continues to be an industry leader to this day. Daniel Defense also carries AR-10s, pistols, and many accessories for various firearms.


The oldest company on this list, LaRue Tactical, was founded in 1980 by Mark LaRue. Specializing in high-quality machining, LaRue Tactical is well known for their precision, engineering, and overall quality control. LaRue backs this up with a “Lifetime” guarantee stating “as long as I'm alive, you can return any defective LaRue made part for a full refund or exchange”.

Fun Guns Is Your Source For AR-15s In Waco

If you are looking for an AR-15 in Waco, Texas, look no further than Fun Guns. Fun Guns offers a wide variety of AR-15s and Ar-15 accessories, as well as many other firearms to meet your needs. Stop by or give us a call today to see which AR-15s we have in stock and what firearm we can order for you.

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